Monday, 17 December 2012


Over the next few days, we will discussing relationship and giving you tips on how to make your relationship work. Here we will start with the first advice from Bhasweti Gewhas, Ph.D. Her advice on relationship is a must read and we have brought here for you. Excerpts...

I find many of the people with whom I work as a therapist ask me the same question: "Why are my relationships not bringing me happiness in life"? In this physical reality, everything at the subatomic energy level vibrates at different frequencies. Our thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires and belief are also energy. If you have a depressing thought, the energy of your body sinks, but if you have a happy feeling, your level of energy gets a boost up. All energy has two properties:
1.] Radiation: sending out vibrational frequencies to the world
2.] Magnetism: attracting in vibrational frequencies from the world

In our life, if we have a few dominant thoughts or feelings (i.e., thoughts that stay with us most of the time) then we are radiating those vibrations to the outer world. At the same time, we are magnetizing similar vibrations in our own life as well. This is why in spite of our best efforts; we allow negative thinking to deprive us of the best outcomes. We think in terms of victim-hood, and then we enter a cycle of radiating and magnetizing feelings of lacking and limitation.

The good news is we can change our vibrations and attract love and happiness. In metaphysical terms, it is known as the Law of Attraction. It means, what you sow is what you reap. That is why avoiding negative thoughts and feelings are so essential for maintaining healthy relationships and enjoying happiness in life.

Here are the steps to beginning a new cycle of positivity in your life:

1.] Observe what you truly want in your life to happen. Perhaps you want a happy, healthy relationship with a loving, compatible partner. If so, then do not worry about what is not working but focus on that – what you want in your life.

2.] Observe what your dominant thoughts, feelings and emotions are. Perhaps they are the opposite of what you desire. If so, then it is impossible for you to magnetize something very positive. You can only attract love in your life when your dominant vibration shifts to the energy of love. If love starts growing inside, it will be radiating and attracting a similar energy of love. Then you will be drawing in loving people, situations and outcomes that will make your life fulfilling.

3.] Start this process by observing your strengths and recognizing your abilities. As you start releasing your self-defeating blockages and discover your innate qualities, you will grow with self-love and self-respect.

4.] Next, ask yourself what you need to learn in your life from your challenges? What you need to do differently to overcome your sufferings? If you keep on asking, your inner mind will bring your awareness to the intention of learning.

5.] Check your inner feelings and thoughts daily from time to time. When you notice negativity engulfing you, focus on physically breathing the problem out and focusing on opening up for a solution. A connection with the divine creator will shower you with unconditional love. Prayer and meditation can bring you peace on a daily basis.

With extensive research and guidance from the higher masters, I have developed four meditation tracks to help you get connected to the high vibrational energy of the divine. The Meditation Program will help you to open up to explore your infinite potential and experience the feeling of unconditional love. The guided meditations are proven to bring self-love and fulfillment in life and you can listen to them during a waking or sleeping state.

Bhasweti Gewhas, Ph.D. 

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