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Sunday, 25 November 2012



I don’t reply every talk about me but these recent ones are crazy – Ini Edo 

For a while now, talks have been making the rounds that beautiful actress Ini Edo collected a whopping sum of N600m from her state governor to build a film academy in Uyo. Some papers even carried the unconfirmed rumor. Well, the married actress is out with a statement denying the reports. 

Hear her:- 

“As a rule, I don’t reply every talk or report about me, but these recent ones are crazy and baseless. I don’t know where they got their information that my state governor offered me $4,000,000 to build an art or film academy in Uyo. 

This is just another work of mischief makers, who keep troubling celebrities. To put the records straight, my state governor has not offered me such money to build a film academy in Uyo as was falsely reported. Four Million Dollars? Nonsense!”

Are you one of those that are getting on her nerves with false rumor, she has given us the mandate to catch you and bring to her...So when you see 10KNews guys in your area, you should run o. there is a $4,000,000 bounty on your head!

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