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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Officers Having Sex On Duty:- What the man did, was it right?

Two South African cops were busted, while literally busting a nut

The two were supposed to have been guarding a suspect that they had transported to a hospital for a check up, but opted to check each other out instead. 

The two, an on-duty correctional officer and police officer decided to engage in a bonking exercise that lasted for well over 15 minutes. Nicknamed Big*, the male correctional services, officer from Krugersdorp Prison and Nina*, a female police officer, were caught on video having sex in a hospital waiting room. 

With a copy of the video in the hands of newspaper editors, this has become one of the hottest scandals in South Africa. 

Reporting in the Sowetan Live: 

The video shows the officers having sex while in uniform. Big is seen dancing while waiting for Nina to arrive. Once she is in the room, Big grabs her and she responds affectionately. He moves his hands towards her private parts. She is all smiles

Shortly thereafter Big, with Nina’s help, hastily takes down her tight pants and underpants. The pair then move to a nearby table where the woman, who is sporting a silver wedding ring, leans backwards. 

Big swiftly unzips his brown pants before appearing to penetrate her without a condom. In an even more shocking admission, the male officer allegedly admitted that he had recorded the session himself, to avoid any incidents where the female officer would accuse him of rape. 

Unwittingly, the video fell into the wrong hands and it was sent around, eventually ending up with the newspapers. The female officer had no idea she was being filmed.

We have watched the video and the female officer is COMPLETELY unaware of the recording even though he claimed it was for self defense should she later claim she was  raped. Now the question is this...Is it right for anyone to do that to another without his or her consent? Can he be sued? We need legal opinions. 

Out of respect for the lady in the video, we have declined to have the video uploaded here for we felt what the guy did to her was wrong