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Your eyes!

It’s like an iron rod. 
Its very hot.
It passes through me.
It’s absurd, but I felt a sexual tickle
Like a tongue upon a nipple,
My synapses dulled a little,
Like am fainting, like am going down

Your eyes,

it’s like a brush of hand through my nape
Raises the hairs on my neck, 
My breathing is faster
My heartbeat , pounding wilder 
Gives me goose pimples
Like a tongue upon a nipple.

Looking at me, you are looking through me,
I am like a hand writing on the wall

I wanted you to read me. 
Not sure though you interpreted
what I allowed you read.
It’s all in your eyes
It weakens me.

Can’t you read my breath choking,

Can’t you read my knuckles tightening
Saliva swallowed a million times
Can’t you read my legs shaking,
Wobbling is a better wording
I wanted you to read me
But you are looking past me,
You are not seeing the yearning me,
I want your notice.
You were busy looking at Alice
Too absorbed to feel my pieces

I was told it’s a sign of love

Love? But I can’t tell you
They will say, I am lose
I am an African woman
Well, a Nigerian woman precisely
Not in our feminine to tell a man, 
So I die inside
It’s the lady’s pride

I took an option,
I took to hate you
Fight you and despise you
I took to walk like an ostrich,
Keep me off your reach,
Not all hates are hate
For through the ages till date,
I have always loved you.
with different families now
We are both married now.
I saw your child recently
He has your eyes.

Isioma Goodluck Esemene
Twitter.... @10KNews
Email: t10knews@gmail.com
Web: www.10knews.blog.blogspot.com