Wednesday, 19 December 2012


"Oh baby! oh baby, I see love in your eyes"....Thats J'Odie talking about the love of a child. The bible spoke of children being a heritage and blessed is the house that is full of them. This  saying is so very true, so so very true. If you are lucky or do I say fortunate to have children around you, it is quite as troublesome and it is fun. Too much complain, noise, cries and endless questions.

When they sing the national anthem, OMG, you go laf so tey, your lungs will ache. I got one recorded last week but when trying to post this, I could not find it in my phone. But I am sure I had memorized it to some levels where I can recite what he sang.

Here, Enjoy the damage this child did to our Nigeria national anthem!

Alai zo come pantroool,
Nigeriam come obey
tu sa fa fada land
with love an te ante
to serve fafa sa fan land
Nigerian come obey
To serve to fa and serve to fa
Nigeriam come obey
To serve without our mind
One nation come and fleeeedom!
Peace and unity.

Na so o o o . You can call it blue murder, but he doesnt care. dat one concern you. But it doesn’t also end there as this is just one of the little troubles. For the artiste who owns that song, sorry national anthem has at least started Kindergarten. But the one that is the real chinchi (bed bug) is the two year old which is the smallest and youngest of them all. There is no amount of complain in this world that she cannot bring to you and when you try to find out what the problem is, she will repeat every word you have said. Her name is Chukwuji. 

Here are some of her complaints. Enjoy!

Chukwuji: mummy mummy eluplane
Mother: Ehen! what about it?
Chukwuji: wata ba tit. em voom voom vooom (meaning it just passed)
Mother: So Aeroplane can no longer fly past here because you are here?
Chukwuji: bicus ur hear.
Mother: I did not tell you to repeat what I said. I don’t have your time. Oya, go and bring cup
Chukwuji: bling cup
Mother: Yes, go and bring cup
Chukwuji: bling cup
Mother: Don’t you want to drink coke? Go and bring cup so I can give you coke
Chukwuji: give you coke.

(After a while she ran to get the cup having seen the bottle of coca cola and knowing that this is real). When she returned and have taken a good share of the bounty, the question and answer continued again.

Mother: And by the way, where is your sister
Chukwuji: ma sita
Mother: Ehen. Where is Unorma
Chukwuji: hunoma
Mother: Yes, where is she? Your sister
Chukwuji: where e she. Yu chit ta
Mother: Abeg  abeg, carry your trouble go. Just drink your coke
Chukwuji: your coke

After a little while of silence, she comes back again with another complain.

Chukwuji: mummy mummy aish! (Scratching her leg)
Mother: Ehen! What is it again?
Chukwuji: what ti tis again (still scratch)
Mother: Maybe, mosquito has bitten you
Chukwuji: muskito a biten you
Mother: Okay, I have heard. No need to repeat after me. Just come let me scratch it for you.
Chukwuji: clatchit for you.
Mother: I tire o.
Chukwuji: a tire o

So when I play J'Odie songs its really does make sense.