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Call it:- Nkwa-Isin or Jel-Jelli,
Jigeda (Jigida),  or Giri-Giri,
Call it:- Djalay-Djalay, or Yomba,
Mgbaji or Ileke, “Lagidigba”
It’s all same thing…waist beads
Sex appeal on the waistline.

I heard this folklore song long ago:-
“She goes up
She goes down
Seduction with buttocks beads".
“Don’t flirt with me
Don’t flirt with me
As you do with your man.
Don’t wriggle your waist beads at me
Don’t lock the door on me and throw
Away the key”.

I disliked men then that sang it
I had no pleasing in it
Ha ha ha.
I called it song of the drunk in lust
What you don’t know, you are lost
…forgive me.

For then, I was young and naïve
But now I know better,
Because Omolabake wears it.
Yes! My lover has waistline beads.
Now I am among the drunks in lust
Her waist beads are luscious
I am not promiscuous

…forgive me,
But have you seen a woman
In a “see through” dress,
Pointed cones, in the name of breast
Waist adorned with waist beads
Dark bushes in the low valley
Beckoning for your lead

It’s like stolen food’s sweet smell.
The freshness of her presence,
The sweetness of her scents
Her beauty, her magnificence
Her wriggling of her waist beads
Raises your desire to get in
With open arms
You will welcome this original sweet sin

So I ask again,
Have you seen
Waist adorned with waist beads
If and when you do,
If you be a reverend, then sorry be you.
For thy faith shall desert you
If you be impotent, then a miracle for you
For thy third leg shall rise that day
And if she wants you, then glory be you,
For thy moment shall have bliss.

I love my lover,
In prettiness, there not another
Blessed be that day we kissed,
We romanced and in love we flounced,
Then I stumbled on her little underground
My lover wears the Ileke thing
Gets me drunk in lust
Be me, or not in the mood,
It sends messages to my manhood.

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