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When you want to search for someone on twitter you put @ before the name. Finding 10KNews on twitter will therefore be searched as @10KNews, El Rufai will be @elrufai etc etc.

When you want to search for topics or trends on twitter, you put #  before the subject. For matters concerning Nigeria you put #Nigeria, 10KNewsFact, #10KNewsFact etc, etc

You are required on twitter to say all you want to say is 140 characters. If it gets to 141, the message no go go. so most times you have to turn words like "great" to "gr8" "between" to "btwn" "Low-Battery" to "lwba3" so to reduce it to 140.

When you join twitter for the first time, you will want to leave, because of the jargon they use there. You wont understand what they are saying...but if you have patience and learn the jargon  you will want to stay because you have become the jargon yourself.

The best place to hear any news that just happened in a second in the world is on twitter, even before the radio or TV stations will hear it...its already on twitter

The best place to meet intelligent people in the world in on twitter, and some loud mouthed du*p **s too.

The number of people you follow for twitter no mean anything for you. Its the number of people following you that means something. that's why they don't want to follow you easily. 

It is easier for you to jump down from a 3 storey building and get away with it, than for somebody to follow you on twitter. They are too proud. If you have nothing to interest them with, they wont follow you. 

But if you always have information that tickles them, they will follow you like flies to sh*t and tell their friends to follow you. in order words, they want you to give them what they cant give themselves.

El Rufai is one of the smartest politicians on twitter. Don't fight him on twitter or curse him, you will lose. The man over smart jor. If you want to know why you will lose fighting El Rufai on twitter, then follow us @10KNews on twitter and in a little while, you will know why.

Jim Iyke is a very touchy person on twitter. So if you want to get lots of followers. Look for topics that will get on his nerves and say them. After a while he will hammer you and the more he sparks at you, the more followers you gather. He made Linda Ikeja somehow. I think she picked on him or he picked on her. Jonah swallow fish or fish swallow Jonah...swallow deh inside

Tonto Dikeh is always very happy when you talk good things about her on twitter. If you tell her good words, she will spread it round and her followers "might" follow you... they call it "re-tweeting". But if you say she is a bad person, wahala o o o. don't count on it, she wont make you gather followers like Jim Iyke when he is twit-fighting.

On twitter, if you are President Goodluck's friend, you are finished  They will always pass their frustrations on you and lay curses on you. So when tweeting about GEJ, chose your words wisely or...

#NOI is used on discussion on twitter with matters regarding Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

#GEDFailed is used on discussions on twitter with matters regard Jonathan's failed govt.

You will fine other topics starting with # as you progress.

Well, I have said enough! you will learn as you progress on twitter

If you want more advice on how to progress when you get there, follow us on twitter with the handle @10knews, the rest will be ABC for you...

The little boy who did the voice of Bambi grew to become the youngest drill instructor ever in the Marines.

Barbie's full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.

The bulletproof vest was actually invented by a pizza delivery guy from Detroit, after he was shot twice on the job!

A restaurant in Tokyo lets you have sex with a live animal, then it's killed, cooked, and served to you and your guest.

"Esodophobia" is the fear of losing virginity.

The people born in November are more likely to become serial killers than people born in any other month.

1 pound of pure LSD costs $55,000.

Drinking one alcoholic drink per day reduces your chance of getting type 2 diabetes.

Wearing red increases the chances of you getting laid during the holidays.

Some people are allergic to exercise, this is called 'Exercise Induced Anaphylaxis'.

Riding with someone who's drunk in Japan will land you a 4 figure ticket.

There's been 2 murders linked to the TV show 'Dexter'. The 2 murderers tried to copy the character 'Dexter Morgan'.

The word 'Batman' = originally used to refer to someone's personal servant.

Police recently discovered a girl who was isolated for 13 years. She later became one of the biggest discoveries for Psychology.

In the original story of 'Cinderlla', she was raped by the Prince.

11 children were born in Antarctica in 2009.

Items that are confiscated by TSA (even weapons) are later sold back to the public in auctions.

It rains diamonds on planets Uranus and Neptune.

If someone gets executed by the state, their death is listed as a 'homicide' on their death certificate.

Mark Zuckerberg once said "They trust me-- Dumb f*cks!"

The oldest people in the world mostly come from Japan.

Scientists have said that the psychological pain from a break-up is almost the same as physical pain.

Loneliness can literally make a person sick. It causes infections, heart problems, and increases the chances of an early death.

There are 10 billion planets in our galaxy that are identical to Earth.

Chills you experience while listening to music = Musical Frisson.

When a person wears a lab coat, they feel & act smarter.

How to erase a permanent marker mark: draw over it with a dry erase marker.

Our names unconsciously influence the way we act.

You can actually purchase toilet paper that has a persons twitter feed printed on it from an app called 'Shitter'.

There is an actual drug that makes a person orgasm every time they yawn.

You can actually purchase a stairlift that is designed to lift old pets & older people.

While looking at stars, you're really looking into the past. Most of the stars you see at night have already died.

Regularly watching scary movies can have a long lasting effect on children & teens that will effect them into their adulthood.

The U.S. Supreme Court declared that it's not the Police's duty to protect citizens in any way, but to enforce laws.

During the middle ages, Jews were banned from Jerusalem by Christians. Muslims in later history lifted the ban.

Listen to ambient music while studying = you can concentrate better.

A persons pupil gives away information about their mental & emotional state.

Getting an extra amount of sleep is more effective than painkillers. Sleep for 2 hours extra a night & it will reduce sensitivity to pain.

Norwegian people pay half the taxes in November, so they have more money to spend during the Christmas holiday.

There's more radiation in eating a banana than if you lived an entire year within 50 miles of a nuclear power plant.

A 27 year old man uses his bald head for advertising space & charges $320 a day.

Women are genetically engineered to fear insects.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Channing Tatum: http://factb.co/aboutchanning#sp …

A woman once tried to commit suicide from jumping off the Eiffel Tower but fell and landed on a car & later married the owner of the car.

Some young women in China get their hymen rebuilt for $750 to fake their virginity when they get married.

This is a friendly reminder that the world is supposed to end in 11 days.

For each time there's a drug arrest, there's an increase in murder.

Scooby Doo's real name was Scoobert Doo.

Spartans used to eat blood soup every day.

Brad Pitt loves to design furniture.

The average life expectancy in Russia is 63 years.

The only people to have walked on the moon to this day are Americans.

Israel has been making bullet casings out of lipstick tubes since the 1940's.

The record for the longest kiss in the world is 50 hours.

Cars are able to be run by Hemp, but the Government banned H

George Foreman has 11 kids.

There's a bird that has the ability to copy any sounds it hears.

Teen pregnancy costs American taxpayers over $10 billion dollars each year.

The founder of Chanel was a Nazi agent.

Congress in the U.S. is so immature that Wikipedia had to block their IP address to prevent them from changing each others pages.

The United States Government currently has a plan on how to deal with a Zombie Apocalypse.

'Pokemon' inspired the Government in the U.S. to create seizure guns.

College education in Finland is tuition free.

The 'Cash Cab Taxi' once hit & killed a pedestrian.

Killer Whales are the largest member of the Dolphin family.

If a person lives up to 80, their heart has beaten over 2 billion times.

Dear Females, You look beautiful doing THIS. Sincerely, EVERYONE: http://bit.ly/QRIjAc  - sp

There was going to be an 'ELF' movie sequel, but Will Ferrell turned down the $30 million dollar offer.

Snooki from 'Jersey Shore' was payed $32,000 to speak at Rutgers University.

Frank Ocean is nominated for 6 Grammy's this year. Justin Bieber has 0 Grammy nominations this year.

3 more Monday's until Christmas! 

The country of New Zealand is free from rabies.

Giraffe's only sleep for 5 minutes.

J.K. Rowling was rejected 12 times before 'Harry Potter' was published. Never let people's opinions stop you.

As of this day, there's been over 2,000 nuclear explosions.

If someone has multiple personalities, they have 'Dissociative Identity Disorder". These people can have up to 4,500 personalities.

Santa Clause's that work at a mall can make up to $500 an hour.

A sloth takes over 40 hours to have sexual intercourse.

Dear Females, You look beautiful doing THIS. Sincerely, EVERYONE: http://goo.gl/dX0Gy  - sp

The Nazi's persecuted Jehova's Witnesses.

Some women have a double vagina, this is called 'Vagina Duplex'.

55% of fatal car crashes involve only 1 vehicle.

The Bush Family helped fund Adolf Hitler & the Nazi empire. #mindblown

It's possible to build an entire two story home out of LEGO's.

Nintendo = 123 years old.

The word 'Trolled' has been added to the Dictionary.

Cats have very sensitive paws and have been proven to predict major earthquakes before they happen.

Most rich people in China hire people who look like them to serve their jail time.

Rats can actually laugh.

The pollution from China eventually reaches Los Angeles, California on a daily basis.

The cutest dog in the world is said to be 'Boo the Pomeranian' who has almost 7 million fans on facebook, even his own book!

It's illegal to kill a 'bigfoot' if you spot it in the wild.

Disturbed sleep can lead to psychological problems.

The word 'geek' originally stood for people who performed at a circus.

It's possible to create artificial diamonds from a dead pets ashes.

Otters are fierce animals.

The most museums in the world are in Mexico City.

'Super Smash Brothers' for the Nintendo 64 was actually created without permission from Nintendo Developers.

An ounce of meth is more expensive than an ounce of Gold.

God once sent 2 bears to murder 40 children (in the Bible), because they mocked a man for being bald.

It's possible for you to survive on a diet of only potatoes and butter. This provides all the necessary nutrients your body ever needs.

'7UP' contains lithium citrate, which is what treats bipolar disorder & mania.

The average Canadian = richer than the average American.

Sending a message from Earth to Mars is easier than sending a message from New York to Tokyo.

Public benches are designed by cities to be uncomfortable, to prevent homeless people from sleeping on them.

A 3,000 year old bag of marijuana was once found in a grave.

An easy way to check if someone's interested in you: their pupils will be dilated when talking to you.

While filming his cameo on 'The Hangover' movie, Mike Tyson was high on cocaine.

Hugh Hefner has a rose delivered to Marilyn Monroe's grave every day.

Taco Bell's "Dorito Tacos" have raised their sales and saved them from poor sales.

There's an actual perfume candy that fights odor in your body, which means you don't have to wear deodorant for that day.

The Cross is less recognized around the world than McDonald's golden arches.

There's actually over 600 commandments in the Bible.

Last year, the most sold item for Walmart was bananas.

The 12th largest theme park in the world is in South Korea, and owned by Samsung.

The Queen of England actually owns a McDonald's near Buckingham Palace.

Scientists predict Nigeria to have a higher population than the U.S. by the year 2050.

1 of every 4 dollars earned by cable stations in the United States is earned by ESPN.

In London, there are museums that are specifically for animals in war.

The first beheading on film was captured by Thomas Edison.

Walmart was once sued 4,800 times every 2 hours in the year 2000.

Marijuana isn't considered a drug by North Korea.

For each person on Earth, there is 60 LEGO pieces.

There's an actual website that supports women with big noses and where men go to appreciate them.

A blue whales tongue = weighs more than an elephant.

Starbucks spends less on coffee beans than they do on health insurance for its employees.

Bank of America made $4 billion dollars in 2009 yet paid no taxes.

You can buy a 'ostrich pillow' that helps you take the best power naps anywhere.

Look away from your computer every 20 minutes & look at something 20 feet away from you for 20 seconds. It gets rid of eye strain.

A person who looks good from behind = 'Talikogenic'.

School bus drivers are allowed to eat for free at McDonalds.

5% of Irish people in the world have red hair.

Each question you ask Siri on your iPhone is sent to a database in North Carolina, for fear of loose lips.

The most popular books in the world are written at a 7th grade reading level.

Releasing balloons in the sky in Florida is considered to be illegal.

Parrots were the animal Steve Irwin was most afraid of.

A tron bike is completely legal and costs $60,000.

An iPad would cost over $14,000 dollars if it was produced in the United States.

'CC' was the name of the first cat to be cloned, which stood for 'Copy Cat'.

When a muslim woman is on her period, most of the time her nails will be painted to show this.

Lysol was once used by women as birth control.

Jehovahs Witnesses are banned in Singapore.

90% of United States currency has traces of cocaine.

A man once killed his wife using only 2 banjos.

Utah is the highest porn subscription state in the U.S.

'Godzilla' has an actual star on the 'Hollywood Walk of Fame'.

Children born today have the lowest life expectancy than any other previous decade, because of obesity.

'UPS' drivers aren't allowed to have beards.

The 1st text message was sent 20 years ago. The message was "Merry Christmas".

The population on Earth has doubled in the last 40 years. It went from 3.5 billion to 7+ billion.

A person's natural sleep pattern is: 4 hours of sleep, then 2 hours of being awake, then 4 final hours of sleep.

Every night, a man's penis is erect for over 90 minutes.

The Eiffel Tower leans toward the shade on sunny days.

Steven Spielberg wanted to turn 'Harry Potter' into an animated movie.

Having an orgasm can burn 100 calories.

'Nutella' lost to a $3 million dollar lawsuit because of false nutritional claims.

Oprah Winfrey's first name was originally 'Orpah'.

1 war veteran in the U.S. commits suicide per day.

The person who created 'Tang' also created: 'Cool Whip', 'Pop Rocks', and 'Jello'.

No research has been done on why men shiver when they pee.

The fourth largest state in the U.S. is Montana, and only has 1 area code.

At Cornell University, all students are required to pass a swimming test if they want to graduate.

Glancing at the color green can make a person more creative.

The closer someone is to you in a public bathroom, the longer it takes for you to start peeing.

Falling icicles kill 100 people every year in Russia.

Reading silently is considered a talent, because in old times it was considered almost impossible.

The largest sperm bank in the world turns down all red haired donors.

Drink black tea = prevents lung damage from smoking cigarettes.

If you don't have enough sleep, the most important parts of your brain are asleep even when you're awake.

Adults watch twice as more TV as young people do.

50% of people in the United States are on a diet every day.

Dogs are able to make over 100 facial expressions.

A psychopath is skilled at reading a persons body language and use it to pick out their next victim.

In Thailand, there's a lake where pink fireballs shoot up into the air… and no one knows why.

The average value of a human life is $6 million dollars.

There's still 14 million tons of Gold in the Earths seawater.

Charlie Sheen was expelled from High School because he had bad grades and bad attendance.

95% of people in the U.S. celebrate Christmas.

Nicholas Cage & Samuel L. Jackson have only been in 4 movies together.

A panda poops more than 40 times per day.

The most germs in the entire house are from the kitchen sponges.

Frogs were originally used for pregnancy tests in the 1960's.

Will Smith has 3 children. Trey Smith, Jaden Smith, and Willow Smith.

Pepsi owns: Mountain Dew, Lays, Fritos, Cheetos, Doritos, Gatorade, Captain Crunch, & more.

Native Americans said Richard Nixon was the best President the U.S. ever had.

If a mother is very stressed out during pregnancy, the baby will develop psychological disorders.

Avocados are one of the healthiest things you could ever eat.

There are actually some people who believe dolphins can time travel and take you to the future.

Ford used to own Aston Martin from 1994-2007.

The 'Statue of Liberty' was originally created for Egypt, but Egypt wouldn't pay for it so France gave it to the United States.