Friday, 11 January 2013


Dreadhead music video director and filmmaker ‘Clarence Abiodun Peters’ is not ready to patch things up with his father. Sir Shina Peters shouldn’t be looking forward to a father son moment anytime soon as Clarence keeps showing up invisibly by series of meeting arranged by his mum to settle the both parties. CP has always complained about the gap and effects his musician father left while growing up and they are obviously not good effects as he’s been described to be in no mood to settle with his father, constantly giving excuses that he is too busy with his work. Sorry SSP! I’m quite sure Clarence is not the only child you have to patch things up with, resolve with the remaining children on the long list and hopefully when the list is done CP would be ready for you.
Clarence Peters and Clarion Chkwura

BUT THEN...WHO IS THIS GUY CLARENCE? Who is Clarence Peters that is the questions we get when people watch a big music Videos. He  is known to be a very big producer of the best African music videos.

Clarence Peters is the son of popular Nollywood actress Clarion Chkwura, Clarence Peters is the son of popular Afrojuju singer, Shina Peters, Clarion Chkwura gave birth to Clarence Peters when she was 17 through the romance between her and Shina Peters.Clarence Peters own a record Capital Dream Pictures and and a production company called Capital Dream Pictures he is also a film maker, He attended BI primary school, Government College Ikorodu he went to a film school in Cape Town in South Africa.

Clarence Peters started his record Capital Hill when he was in secondary school when he met “Tha Suspect” ( Tha Suspect a Nigerian music artist) and they both discover they like the same kind of music when they are in SS3. He still does not know he has a fans bcause he said “I still find it hard to believe I have fans” his aim is to elevate the Nigerian and Africa music video thon e next level and he has been doing a great work so far. Some will say it is the mother that was the reason for his success, but I will rather say it is the force and drive to be greater than his father that was the push. Ride on bro...you got the sawg!