Sunday, 29 September 2013


The Mob is a force of people protesting and vandalizing as their wave of destruction drives them on. They are savage because the Mob is blind and pilot-less  Sure, the Mob can bring freedom and change, but will always lose it because like the blind, the Mob cannot see. Like a tornado, the Mob has no conscience, so it ravages and destroys, leaving sorrow and blood as its “regular trade mark”.

The Whiteman who always will want the blacks enslaved under her economic grips let lose some group of black race under amalgamation called Nigeria. They set lose a Mob with the velocity of a rolling stone. A black blind mob whose own very mark of the beast is her diverse religion. No, no, no, not tribe. Don’t be deceived for tribal differences you can forgive and tolerate. But religion is a prostitute. Have you ever experienced the wrath of a prostitute in love? She will cook your head for dinner like you never existed. So this Mob called Nigeria, blind and a rolling stone, whose jealousy has been set afoot like that of a red light girl.

The biggest fear of me is that I am in this Mob and this Mob is me. As much as I desire to pull out, the velocity of our wave is beyond the control of academics like me for the friction we tried to apply has burned our shoes and now our legs are on fire. Chinua Achebe burned out. Soyinka is so thirsty that his voice is dry.  Still the Mob velocity increases and we roll on. The Mob has no real head to look up to, so it became every man for himself. Loot! Loot! Loot! Godam it! just loot for our greed cannot be satisfied. We have the freedom, government of our own and no law can question us. Unfortunately, Ibori and Alam took their loot beyond the bothers of the Mob without experience and the organized Mob of the Whiteman clipped them and gave Sani Abacha apple.

Who can hold us down since religion has been set as our harlot house, where we go quench our sexual libido where also the red light girl herself is madly in love with the mob forgetting that she also is a prostitute, still she does not want to share the Mob with any other girl. So where do we offer our prayers for salvation? Under the boko haram led by Muslims parents or the militants lead by Christian parents.

Now the Whiteman is gauging in the Mob more into itself. To go to London? Please deposit £3000. Visa lottery? Nigeria is out. So I looked up and found out that the Mob is actually a movie set forth in a cinema house where all the audiences are Jews and whites. I was very ashamed! It’s like dancing naked on the village square because you stole something and you are really ashamed because your manhood is very small. Please don't blame the villagers who forced a thief to dance naked... he stole. So he created the cinema where he only is the actor. 

So my plight is not the Whiteman. Life is the choices we make. So the blind Mob is responsible for the damages she created. For how can your president be a shareholder in a generator manufacturing company in China and still promise you constant electricity and you agree? That is the mindset of a blind black mob… anything and everything is true.

For 53years, the Mob called Nigeria has met so many road blocks and stoppages to have slowed down, but she just chose not to, because freedom is sweet and religion is a great hideout. So together we rise or fall. Together we have been caged to be. Together "we might" be.!  The Mob! Still rolling. Happy Independence day! Nigeria!

Isioma Esemene