Monday, 31 December 2012


Hola! Hey! Happy New Year! It’s all beautiful. It’s all so good to be into another new year. So much expectations and waiting for the cross over and the services and the thanks giving. And the fireworks. Gboza! Gboza! Gboza! Make no mistake about this. It’s beautiful and we are in the New Year again, just as we were into a new year again last year. “As it was in the beginning… lol

The feelings, the greetings, the prayers, the booze, the concerts, the sex, the drugs, the millions made, the profits and the new grounds so far covered and so far achieved. It’s worth celebrating because many that started the race with us did not complete it…plane crashes, road accidents, kidnappings, bomb blasts, armed robbery attacks, poison, murder, even ALUU4. But somehow we made it to the finish line and the euphoria is good and beautiful…so much right now must matter to you that it is just worth the celebration. My humble self, with a bottle of Coca-Cola in my hands and pen and paper to write, you can never imagine the happiness inside of me that I feel right now. It’s so great to be in the New Year.

But above all these things, there is one thing that must try matter to you…and that is living one day at a time

How do you live the day? What do you do with the day? How does this one day at a time reflect on your life and the lives of people around you? It’s all so good to be great and achieve great things and greater heights. To move with the tide, and the crowd, and the good wishes of the New Year. But if you are among them that make NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS, then the best resolution will be to live your life one day at a time. 

In this way, it is easier to knock off a lot of stress whereby you know within you that though you are aspiring for greater heights in life, but, it will never change that person that you are. That desire to live your life by the day so that wherever you might be and you got called, there will be no regrets for you as your heart is filled with the happiness of the day and not over things not achieve over the life time and span.
Jesus said, “Give us ‘this day’ our daily bread”. Take not of the master’s words…this day…not these days…NO…Just this day.

By that word “THIS DAY”, was Christ trying to encourage laziness and poverty? By no means, NO! But rather, the great master is trying to encourage you to slow down with your over desire for covetousness and big eye to own everything. As soon as you are gone, you don’t go with these things. The wise one Solomon, said, Vanity upon vanity, all is vanity. With all his glory, Solomon still died. So shall we all. So please enjoy it and live it completely by the day.

So when you try to get these things that you desire and they seem so far-fetched worry not and cry not. You will still get them and you will still get there. But like Christ will say, just ask for THIS DAY, YOUR DAILY BREAD, which of cos tells you to please live one day at a time. So what are your dreams? What are your great plans again for the great New Year? Go after them with great hunger! Go after them with great faith; go after them with all that you have got. Go after them all mapped out. But let the fire that burn in you… that moves you forward and through, be that kind of fire that moved Christ to die for you and I, which never derailed him from living his life ONE DAY AT A TIME.

Isioma G. Esemene