Sunday, 30 December 2012


I'm with my extended family SIPIN GRAND MARNIER."Hey Why Not" Happy holidays!Don't drink and drive just drink and let somebody else drive

Some people think beauty is enough. But a painting needs more than a nice frame to be a masterpiece

It ain't about how good you are: it is about how good you wanna be

Before taking care of the present, before planning the future... we should try to remember the past

New Year's resolution: do not remain silence in the face of violence ever again. Each and every abuse is a scar on the World's cheek

We should always listen to our desires. But should certainly think twice before following em

The power of time resides in his being steady, constant... unstoppable

Fear is stronger than love... only if we allow it to conquer our heart #DontBeAfraid

To all the people in the house, happy boxing day!

"Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind" - John Calvin Coolidge, 1872-1933

A day to be happy, Too many gifts to be thankful for: a moment to look back at what we have, a life to look forward to. Merry Christmas

Christmas' spirit is that of a person who sacrificed his life to love. Believers or not: the spirituality of this day grows beyond religion

This Christmas remember everyone is unique, no one is special... until he doesn't lend his hand to someone else

Don't wait for the world to define who u are: shape the world with your voice and your dreams!

If you get worried about the consequences even before doing anything... you'll never do anything

Certain lives cross each other to open new roads and prospectives

We were born men, individuals is what we can become

Everything, everyday is a matter of life and death: Every step you take is a commitment to the path you have chosen

Truth is what comes to us when we look behind temptations and lies

The best thing to do, is doing whatever comes naturally to you

Remember: the bad thing about wonderful things is that it takes a lifetime to build them and a moment to destroy them

Just leaving my studio 5 in the morning rainy day in New York

You can't buy love, you can't wrap it in colored paper... and this is exactly what makes it priceless

A season of gifts to remember that God gave us the most important of them all: the gift of life

Nothing exists without its opposite: smiles and joy don't mean anything if we don't know tears and pain

Don't wait till Christmas to be generous: love needs no reason

What is miraculous is not that life is a spectacle but the fact that we own the ticket

Those who spend their life trying to please everyone are the same people who, looking at the mirror, can't see anything

Nobody owns time, nobody can govern time. Still, you own your time... and your choices #NoExcuses

Life is an overwhelming miracle that knows no boundaries, apart from those you decide to create

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We are happy... as soon as we accept our limits like gifts, instead of living them like defeats

Waiting for someone to wake you up means risking to sleep all your life. Your alarm is ringing... now! #WakeUp

Shortcuts dont' exist: dishonesty has a price you'll have to pay, sooner or later

Believe in the impossible, always, no matter what: if you can think it, it's possible!

Don't live the life you have, live the life you want. Money don't matter: attitude is everything