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Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Have you been in a relationship for a while or a long while and you still can understand what really goes on in a man's mind and the things that puts him off or get on his nerves? Well, here are some of them that have been compiled for you so that when next you are asking them, you know you are getting and answer from a man that is swearing at you (lol) from the inside. Enjoy!

1.} Do you look at porn? (What?)
You already know the answer.

2.} Are you done yet? (Meaning have you released yet)
Ya know, If we were we'd be asleep right now.

3.} Are you really going to wear that? (Gush!)
Nope, we just thought we were playing dress-up and decided to wear this. 

4.} Can you hold my purse? (For wetin na?)
We'd really rather not. Can't we just hide it behind this potted plant?

5.} Do you think she's pretty, that girl over there? (Ha! trap!)
If she was attractive enough for both of us to notice her, We'd say the answer is yes.

6.} What did I just say? (wahala! no be your mouth you use talk am again!)
...Don't you know? 

7.} Do you love me? (wich kin question be dis?)
I want to show my love for you rather than tell you a meaningless, "yes." 

8.} Why did you say that? (say wetin?)
Well, let's see...maybe because we were thinking it. 

9.} Don't you even care? (then wetin i deh do here?)
Of course we care, we wouldn't be here if we didn't care at least a little. 

10.} Mind if I join your friends? (Mba o! Mba!)
As much as we love you, sometimes we just want to be with our guy friends. 

11.} Where is this going? (Togo! where before?)
Hell if we know but we're game to find out.

12.} Can you get me some toilet paper? (what nonesense!)
Yes, we can...but we would really rather not. We could go our whole lives without seeing you on the toilet. 

13.} What are you thinking?
Nothing we feel like talking about, obviously. 

14.} Notice anything different about me?
That would be a no. 

15.} Does this make me look fat?
If we ever hope to see you naked again, we'd never answer this question honestly.

16.} Why are you pulling my pants (I wan sow am!)
For God sake, you already know we want to have sex with you and thats why we are in bed together