WAgibiMKmYvSj4hDhtXxp_xbM5c =10KNews=: SEX IN THE DARK!!!

Saturday, 19 January 2013


A wife suspected her husband for having sex with their maid. So, she set out a trap for the husband by sending the maid to the village for weekend without mentioning it her husband. At night, the husband told her his usual story "darling, I want to go and watch wrestling match in the sitting room." And he left. The wife silently went to the maid's room lying on the bed naked without switching the light on. He opened the door, joined her (the supposed maid) on the bed without making any noise. Quickly without wasting time and without a word, he had sex with her. 

After the fifth round she got so angry and said "It is enough! I catch you! So this is how you used to have sex with our maid? You will do two rounds with me telling me you are tired. Now five rounds now, and you are still demanding for more." The aboki Gate-man replied, "AH! sorry madam, I didn't know you are the one here as it was dark." Gbam!!! 

If you are the woman, what will you do? If you are the Gate-man  how will you handle this?