Friday, 11 January 2013


my social network friends!
Look at the people in the picture...they are your network friends. Okay let me be more direct...Do you have friends online? Do you have friends that Trade Forex? Do you have BBM followers? facebook followers? twitter followers? Do you have access to many online forums? What are you doing with these contacts? You are looking at and by-passing money in millions! Do you know these followers & contacts can earn you millions annually? How? Start a business on Liberty Reserve and these your contacts are your first customers. They trust you, they will buy and sell from you. Where you can get dollars to start? that is why we are here. You start the business nearly on zero Capital because your customers are your capital...It is a win win terrain.

Also, why do you go to the Bank, when you can make all your transactions through your phone. Have you heard of PocketMoni? Have you put it to use before? You are missing if you have not. Use PocketMoni once to pay a bill and you will not want to do it any other way but that way. Go Cashless and feel the fun! And to do Liberty Reserve business, you will need PocketMoni for fast payment.

With PocketMoni:-
You can send & receive money from your phone anywhere in Nigeria.
You can buy and send someone Airtime-all networks
You can buy Air tickets,
You can tie all your Bank accounts to your phone.
You can receive and transfer money from any bank account in Nigeria
You can pay all utility bills... PCHN, DSTV, MYTV, GOTV, HITV, TRENDTV.

Because of the effectiveness and simplicity Liberty Reserve business merging with PocketMoni, has become real fun even when you are actually doing business. I have therefore put up a seminar for you to come and learn this, and while you use them for yourself, you also make real money from it. Simply come for a 1hr seminar to learn how to start Liberty Reserve business of your own and earn as much as N300,000 monthly on money exchanging. Also become a Certified CBN Money agent and make money while you sleep through PocketMoni with all benefits as listed above.


Date: Monday to Saturday (12pm and 5pm).
Duration: One Hour only
Venue: No 20 Adeniran Ogunsanya street, Surulere, Lagos
Telephone: 08082537228
BB PIN: 32957853
Seminar fee: N3,000 only