Thursday, 10 January 2013


When Timaya came out with the album "UpGrade", it was a total branch away from the normal Timaya 's kind of activism beats and songs that we used to know. It took me a long time to know that it was Timaya that own those songs in the album especially the one he did with Terry-G.

Songs like:- Bom Bom, Sexy Ladies, Go down long, Malo no gede de

The fact is that most of the songs were really Up graded and classic, dancehall and Hip-Hop infused, off the Timaya's styles and beats that it got the clubs, Djs and parties swinging and swaging to them, especially Bom Bom.

Since the coming of Timaya's UpGrade, I have noticed that he has some how become a music and beats pace-setter for the likes of Terry-G and P-Square. Yes o! Terry-G practically stole all of Timaya's beats and just infuse his jargons as usual changing one intrument over another to give him again another song in his latest works now on airwaves. Na wa o.

The temptation was also too much for the P-Sqaure to resist that they have to extract their own missing ribs too from the Timaya's Up-Grade to give us "Alingo". Wizkind stole from UpGrade too in one of his latest songs. Is this a case of Monkey deh work, baboom deh chop? If not so, then where have individual creativitiy gone to? Beacuse you need to be in the flow and keep relevance, does that mean that contents 
have to be so stolen with shameless abandone without regard and no care to the feelings of the listeners and the owners of such works? Na wa o. 


When "Do me Do me" was stolen from one ajegunle guy "Jerry", till today, na so the matter take die like that. That not being enough, the P-Square guys also stole Asonto and just diluted it with a little of their normal break dance to complete it all and present it to us as finished work. Classic hahahah, very classic indeed! The truth be told, the end products of these stolen works are good and interesting to listen to.

Alingo is becoming the number one song all over the place and Terry-G songs are as usual very atracting to dancehall and clubbers. But because a "He-Goat" has bears, do we have to greet the "He-Goat" good morning Sir?. These songs are nice, but every brick and block used in their building were all stolen. I no be bad belle o. But someone need speak out this flaunting of injustice to creative artistes out there.

And by the way, where is Timaya's Entertainment Lawyer? Don't you know your job? Enuf of these shameless flaunting of stolen creative works abeg. Artiste and their lawyers should do the right thing. Let every individual who thinks he can sing, do his own thing independently and not steal. And when you copy, give credit. Timaya gave credit to Sunny Okosun. Terry G and P-Square should do same for him or get sued. Plagiarism na bad thing abeg. I rest my case!