Tuesday, 15 January 2013


From clubs to club, from gatherings to gathering, and from parties to party, they go hunting. They know where to find what they are looking for...you. They go seeking for potential "would be" traffickers. Just like any other arms of business seeks out potential marketers...well like me...who can help them reach out to their end users customers, drug barons are also on the lookout for "marketers" peddlers who will help them move their drugs to the users in various countries all over the world. The way drug barons seek out potential drug traffickers have been grouped under these categories below.

1. Greed: Yes, greed, you are too greedy and they saw it in you. You actually will want to peddle drugs, all you need is just to be talked into it because, the flamboyant lifestyle of the drug barons attracts you and you want to the one of them. So recruiting you to traffic drugs for them, will not be a huge task. Well bro and sis, be careful what you wish for. There are more traffickers in the grave and prisons who died earlier than expected; before the reward of trafficking finally got to them....did I say reward?

2. Living Above your earnings: You live above your means. You are always borrowing money or asking friends to lend you money and no matter what you are giving or what you earn, it is always never enough for you. You constantly are in debt and live high above your means. Not that you don’t earn well from whatever you do, but, you are a "spend spree" addict. An impulsive buyer. A society person in the negative. You want more even when you know you are not yet there. Always broke.

So when a baron knocks on your door, you are an easy cake to cut. Learn to adjust your lifestyle to fit to what you earn. Cut off a lot of things and try not to always be with cash, so that when your impulse say,,,buy buy buy....there will be no money in your pocket to do the buying, because all your money are either at home or in the bank...throw away your credit and debit cards...they were meant to enslave your type by the credit card company. So throw them away and tell your impulse...I am not game.

3. Hard time: This is one reason most Nigerians fall prey to drug trafficking....hard time. But men, "hard time no be curse...e deh happen to anybody from time to time"....(hard time is not a curse, it happens to people from time to time). When the barons agents knock on your door, look upon yourself and tell your inside spirit that this "hard time" I am in, will pass. And yes it will pass. Do not go into trafficking because of hard time. It will pass. Are they offering you irresistible rewards to push drugs for them telling you that they have all the contacts to sail you through immigration  Well, the truth is they do...sorry to hear this, but.. Yeah they do. But 70% of the time, their traffickers get caught. 95% of the time when they get caught, the barons abandon them in jail and look for other potential traffickers they can promise what they promised you...you be "mugu" and your time is past.

4. Blackmail: Be careful too how smart you let people think that you are in public all the time. Chances are that, drug traffickers’ loves smart people. Guys who can beat the detection machines and the immigration and the authorities and the ports and the borders. So do not let your smartness land you into the hands of drug barons. They look at you and see that they can use a little bit of your smartness. So they find a way to nail you and blackmail you into trafficking drugs for them.

If you ask my opinion, go to the police if someone is using blackmail to force you to traffic drugs. Before you pick up that bag for them, find a way to use your smartness to outsmart them. Talk to someone who can talk to the authorities before you get to the port or to the border. Just make sure your mistakes which they are using to blackmail you does not land you in a hotter situation because once you are caught, the authorities are never going to believe you are not on your own or it’s a blackmail. You will go to jail. So please smart safely.

5. Addict: Am sorry about this....you are already hooked to drug. Cocaine, heroin, and the rest of them. You constantly need a fix, but you have sold all your property and you don’t have money any more to buy. Well, if you are not over the edge in addictions already, and still you look sweet and smart, drug traffickers can still want you to traffic drugs for them in exchange for free drugs and some pocket money.

6. Celebrity: This area is a gold mine for drug barons and they hunt here every second. You are a celebrity and your mates are buying houses in choice places worth millions and you are still living in a face-me-face-you with your parents. Yeah it sucks and the barons know it too. And they know you will want and love an upgrade. So they will come for you with mouth-watering offers. "hey men!, we are gonna make sure, we buy you big houses and big places, big cars and all the sweet girls in town will be yours. we are gonna help push your career men, even the president is our friend". You want the truth, well the truth is yes, they have friends in high places that will save their ass, when things go wrong for them, but not your own ass. Are you a learner? Once your name is tagged as a drug trafficker in show business, you a finished person and getting visas to other countries is as good as impossible.

Many great men and women have been lost, because of working for drugs in all forms. Barons, traffickers, initiators, peddlers, sniffers, testers, packers, packagers, organizer, street leads, ports and immigration settlers and tippers, you know your lead and you know your name. Many lives have been lost because of you...I am not writing this to stop you, but I am writing to plead with you to think twice, because of our children. We have lived our lives. Some of us made it big, some did not. But we have lived our lives. Why waste that of the children by getting them involved in this?

The images of drug addicts on the internet are very disturbing and we cannot post too many gory pictures here because some readers might find it despicable. But if you want to see some, go to Google and click on “image". On image type "krokodil drug" what you will see will take food away from your mouth. The increase in the use of this drug is disturbing. Please see if it will disturb you too. Thank you for deciding not to do drugs.