Tuesday, 15 January 2013


The P-Square Manager and CEO of Square Records has stated that why they dumped May-D was because he was asking for too much in a rush. He wanted the company to provide for him what is being provided for P-Square and these things being provided for P-Square were things they had worked for, for over 7years. So they felt it was best for him to try his luck somewhere else. Well, this report is ONE-SIDED. No one judges a case from one side of the hearing. We have sent messages to May-D handlers to post their own side of the story so that people can hear and then judge. If it all had to do only with them telling him to go find it easier somewhere else, then why did they snub him at the Calabar Festival and why was his part yanked off and May-D not given a chance to perform? We need the whole truth and we are going after it. 

Meanwhile, @iam_Davido has refused to comment on the issue raised by a blogger in the USA that Davido is gay (click to read) and even posted a picture of him wearing all the rings at the Gay places. Can someone who is close to him kindly inform his to clear his name and let us know where he stands on this? We deh wait o.