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Thursday, 17 January 2013


Jennifer Lopez, 43, is never a single lady for long! She's had high-profile relationships with celebs such as Sean "Diddy" Combs, Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper, and the husband she split with in July 2011, Marc Anthony. When she moved on to a new guy last November, the lucky man was 18 years her junior! Dancer Casper Smart, who's now the choreographer of J.Lo's current world tour with Enrique Iglesias, is just 24. Still, Lopez insisted recently in an interview with Katie Couric that it's not something she and her boy toy spend a lot of time discussing. "Until somebody brings it up, I don't think we really think about it. We're just two people who have similar interests and love a lot of the same things and who get along."

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher seemed like an unlikely couple when they first started dating. She was a 40-year-old divorced mom of three and veteran actress who had starred in dramas like “Ghost,” “G.I. Jane,” and “A Few Good Men.” He was a never-married 20something,15 years her junior, best known for orchestrating elaborate pranks on “Punk’d” and playing an airhead on “That ‘70s Show.” 

But the two hit it off and married in 2005. Though they appeared to be a pretty happy couple for the next six years and even got along swimmingly with Moore’s ex Bruce Willis and his new wife, their relationship began its end (at least publicly) when Kutcher was caught in a cheating scandal in September 2011. Moore filed for divorce that November.

“Beaches” star Barbara Hershey and “Lost” actor Naveen Andrews didn’t let their 21-year age difference stand in their way when the two fell in love on the set of a 1998 indie film, when she was 50 and he was 29. 

But the couple did hit some bumps in the road. During a short breakup in 2005, Andrews fathered a child with another woman. Though Hershey and Andrews reunited after that, the couple eventually announced their breakup (this time for good) in 2010.
It may seem like media staples Nick Cannon, 31, and Mariah Carey, 42, have been together forever, but they surprised the world when they tied the knot in a secret ceremony in the Bahamas on April 30, 2008, before anyone could even confirm they were dating, much less dating (though Carey was spotted wearing a giant engagement ring in late April 2008, which prompted rumors). 

Three years to the day after the couple wed, Carey gave birth to their boy-girl twins, Moroccan and Monroe, at age 41. “I’m just happy to be in love and to be here,” she told Barbara Walters last year.

Rob Camilletti became the world's best-known bagel baker when the then-22-year-old began dating Cher, who was 18 years his senior, in 1986. Dubbed "Bagel Boy" by the press, Camilletti – who was a struggling actor working part-time in a bagel shop when he met his iconic girlfriend – was by Cher's side for three years (as well as in her "I Found Someone" video), and made headlines after destroying the cameras of some paparazzi who were stalking Cher's home in 1989. 

A short time later, the couple broke up. According to an interview Cher gave Parade magazine in 2010, Camilletti is now a Gulfstream jet pilot and he and Cher “are still best friends. He's totally worthwhile."

Elizabeth Taylor met her eighth (and final) husband, construction worker Larry Fortensky, in 1988 when the two were both in treatment at the Betty Ford Clinic, battling their drug and alcohol addictions when she was 56 and he was 36. 

The couple wed in 1991 at Taylor’s pal Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, where Jackson himself gave away the bride in front of 150 guests. The couple split five years later and Taylor left Fortensky $1 million in her will when she died last year.
Now this was an awkward pairing! After splitting from her pro wrestler husband, Hulk Hogan, in late 2007 after 24 years of marriage, a 48-year-old Linda Hogan began dating then-19-year-old Charley Hill, a former classmate of her children, Nick and Brooke. Despite the nearly 30-year age difference and the disapproval from her children, the two remained together for four years, got engaged, and attempted to solve their relationship troubles on VH1’s “Couples Therapy.” 

When that didn’t work, they broke up in May 2012. "After the great therapy we had together and time to think and concentrate on who we are and who we want to be, Charley and I decided that we should each travel through life in different directions," Hogan wrote on her Facebook page at the time.

After meeting on the set of “The Myth of Fingerprints” in 1996, (which she starred in and he directed), Julianne Moore, then 35, and Bart Freundlich, then 26, quickly put their relationship on the fast track and welcomed their first child, son Caleb, the following year. 

Daughter Liv followed in 2002 and the couple finally decided to tie the knot in 2003. "The only reason I got married in 2003 was for my children," Moore, now 51, told The Guardian last year. "I had a therapist who said marriage is really a container for a family and that made sense to me.”

Is the fifth time a charm for Joan Collins when it comes to marriage? The 79-year-old former "Dynasty" star's current hubby, Percy Gibson, sure hopes so! Collins and Gibson, who's approximately 30 years younger than his bride, have already managed to make their marriage last for more than 10 years. Still, Gibson has acknowledged that the age gap has caused controversy between the two, according to the U.K.'s Mirror. 

"I'm not going to be so naive as to pretend we didn't spend a lot of time discussing that very issue," he said. "But it's a damn shame for two people so happy together to make the difference in age the reason for not being together."
Susan Sarandon, who recently turned 66, dated 12-years-younger actor Tim Robbins for 23 years. After they split in 2009, she once again ended up with another younger man, this one more than 30 years her junior: Jonathan Bricklin, 33, who also happens to be her partner in her ping-pong club chain, Spin. 

However, Sarandon has explained that she doesn't intentionally look for less mature men. "I don't go by age," she said on "The View" in September. "I go by the soul of a person. I think that when you really love a person, the age thing, the gender, the color, none of that matters. It's really beyond that." Do you think Sarandon and Bricklin's love will last?

Speaking of Katie Couric, the TV personality has had her own romance with a younger man! The 55-year-old dated Brooks Perlin, who's 17 years younger than her, for five years. At the time, a source told Us Weekly that the numbers factored into the breakup. 

"Brook's a nice guy, but it was inevitable because they had different priorities and perspectives, and their age difference made it a challenge, too," the source said. Couric's current beau of several months is closer to her age, so perhaps this one will work out? John Molner, the head of mergers and acquisitions at an investment bank and securities firm, is 49. (12/6/2009)
Madonna – who's known for flings with men of all ages – is currently cozied up to a French break dancer in his mid-20s. The 54-year-old "Vogue" singer's boyfriend, Brahim Zaibat, talked a little about his famous girlfriend in an interview published on Socialite Life just three months after they began dating in September 2010. 

When asked if he was a big fan of Madge's music when he growing up, Zaibat said, "It wasn't the kind of sound I had on my iPod but I knew her tracks," he said. "I've since pretty much listened to all she's done. She’s put lots of breakdance and hip-hop in her last tracks and she's passionate about dance. Her dream as a child was to become a dancer. That's another thing we have in common." One thing they don't have in common? The iPod didn't come out until Madonna was in her 40s.