Saturday, 2 February 2013


Although I may feel differently later on; right now I am not nervous about the beauty elements of our wedding at all. It's the one area that I have been involved with before & it's the one area that I feel I have a certain amount of control over. Granted I don't have any REAL control over wether or not I have a spot or 5 on the day, but I do have complete control over the things that I do to try & make that as unlikely as possible.

What's good for everyone to do?
  • Exercise - this might mean carry on exercising or start to exercise, but either way exercise is a great way to flush away any toxins that might cause blemishes & you'll be toning up at the same time: Win--win.
  • Drink Water (around 8 glasses a day, or more if you're exercising a lot) - There are SO many benefits of drinking water, but you won't see the effects over night so start this one as soon as you can. Carry around a bottle at all times, something like THIS ONE will be perfect.
  • Facials - this doesn't have to equal a huge expense, you can be your own beautician, but which ever you chose you need to start this a few months before your big day. Your skin needs time to get used to a new product & you might react to ingredients in the products that you use. Also remember to take your makeup off properly every evening. This will prevent build up of products, clogged pores & snapped eyelashes.
  • Practice your beauty treatments - wether you are having treatments done professionally or having a crack at doing them yourself you need to do them more than once. This is especially so with things like: hair style & colour, eyelash extensions, fake tan & makeup.
Do I need to change?

You don't have to change anything about your routine or your appearance if you don't want to, your fiance wants to marry you because he loves you as you are. But most of us have an idea of how we want to look on the day & it might not be exactly the way we look right at this very second. For that to become reality, yes, something has to change. 

Have a think about how you would like to look & then underline the bits that are different to how you look right now - those are the things that you might want to find ways to change about yourself. Remember to be realistic in your goals & try to keep the importance of being kind to your body at the front of your mind: You might think that a crash diet would be the best way to loose a few pounds but it is also likely to make you tired & make your skin look sallow, which are not good trade offs.

When you have an idea of what you would like to change & you have decided that the changes are possible, you should start implementing those changes as soon as you can: The earlier the better. If you need some inspiration I will be writing a blog post talking about the changes I will be making & I will be writing posts surrounding wedding beauty for the week before & for the day, so keep your eyes peeled for those. For now: congratulations on your engagement, good luck with your preparations & remember to enjoy every part of it.